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Parham Marandi
Parham Marandi


Sydney based designer | Available for freelance work parham.marandi@gmail.com

  1. Camply - Plan Your Next Escape icon design trip app camping app ui design ux app design landscape lake jungle camp mountain fire tent woods outdoor activity fishing climbing kayaking hitchhiking camping
  2. Campi - Stay Connected campfire character design character illustration icon moon sky gaming website mountain nature camping in the nature fire streamer twitch gamers gamer illustration gamers gaming camping camp campi
  3. Kay Social Network Manager (concept) - Dashboard product illustration dashboard ui design dashboard ux illustration instagram dashboard instagram manager social network social media manager web app ui design dashboard design dashboard
  4. Kay Social Network Manager Illos 2d design book illustration course bookmark book 2d character character design character rocket illustration rocket design rocket flat design illustration
  5. Landscape illustration badge nature landscape bird mountain hut jungle woods
  6. Just Relax sticker illustration design outline sunrise sunset mountain illustration landscape joint marijuana weed cannabis
  7. Girl Avatar flat illustration 2d design character design earings sydney illustrator sydney parham marandi parham graphic illustration character avatar girl
  8. Instagram Influencer flat illustration 2d illustration 2d illustration digital marketing plant like social network famouse influencer social network character instagram like instagram
  9. Move it mustache car truck street light ecommerce currency money cash moving company moving illustration design character
  10. Freebie: Camping Illustration jungle nature camera axe log coffee mug outdoor tent camping suv truck compass lantern illustration mountain
  11. Deputy Industries illustration judge barista bouncer reporter teacher construction server farmer customer service vet hospitality industry deputy
  12. #StayHome badge 2d outline illustration pandemic corona virus corona covid-19 stay home
  13. Copilot: Deputy Design System deputy airplane character sky sunrise mountain design system design cockpit copilot plane pilot
  14. Codecamp back end front end code logo camping logo tent camping developing code coding developer icon illustration badge branding logo
  15. Freebie: Earth Icons line icon outline the earth earth icon space planet earth earth illustration illustration freebie icon earth
  16. Yes? No? ui placing girl top knot leaf leaves pot plant iphone x phone character illustration
  17. WOW CLUB surprise shock reboun sydney logo badge illustration outline male character character design character
  18. 🚽Toilet Paper badge icon illustration covid-19 corona virus corona cool toilet paper cool panic toilet paper panic toilet paper toilet
  19. Chilled Night 2d design icon illustration cottage smoke moon night lake pine tree tree wood woods mountain mountains
  20. Aromatic Tea lady illustration hot drink illustration hot drink drink portrait outline portrait lady aromatic tea
  21. Campi - Choose Avatar sydney sydney designer character design illustration. profile picture character avatar campi
  22. Deputy Enterprise mental illustration icon design phone information secure lock rating fair data enterprise shift shift worker deputy spot illustrations icon
  23. 👂🏼Listen character internship intern student illustration listening learn listen ear
  24. Last Sup: Concept wine bottle wine label winery sticker line logo red wine drink sup badge wine
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